Different Flavours of TEREA for Your IQOS ILUMA

One of “IQOS ILUMA’s” evolutionary features is that a metal piece was inserted within the unique cigarette stick to achieve maintenance-free while preserving the central heating type rather than getting rid of the heating blade, which was difficult to maintain. The TEREA Stick is the brand’s newest premium tobacco stick.

Additionally, by securing the tobacco leaves with a cover at the stick’s tip, the TEREA Stick has been successful in minimising the spread of odour by avoiding the formation of dregs.

For IQOS ILUMA, a brand called “TEREA” was developed because neither IQOS nor cigarettes had a similar brand at the time.The core flavour, however, seems to be comparable to Marlboro Heat sticks, therefore switching to TEREA Stick, which has the same box colour and name, is a logical departure from the standard design.

User feedback indicates that the new bag design is quite practical. No cleaning is required, and there is no chance that the blades may break. The sticks of IQOS ILUMA are now sweeter and more fragrant, and using it is now simpler and more fun.

We will talk about a few of them. You may visit the website of HNB One at Hnb.One to select your IQOS.

TEREA Turquoise

Fresh menthol is characterised as the predominant flavour, with traces of spices and mildly burnt tobacco. Reviews claim that it is essentially indistinguishable from menthol cigarettes.

They have average strength, or perhaps even somewhat less. The flavour is indicative to the overlooked Turquoise Label.


These small cigarettes feature a cool menthol flavour with undertones of wild berries, according to the product description and user reviews.

The sticks have a strong scent, yet it is not synthetic, more on the bright side. We predict that they will be as well-known as Purple Wave.


TEREA burgundy sticks are also known as “red” or “red-brown” sticks. It tastes strongly of toasted tobacco and malt.


TEREA Brown with a bronze sheen bronze. The name of the sticks does not require translation because it is obvious. They have a mild tobacco flavour with hints of dried fruits and cocoa.

We discovered pipe tobacco with a similar flavour profile, and it quickly became one of the favourites. It is slightly stronger than normal. These new Bronze Labels are some of our favourites.


Tea and woody tones blend with the flavour of roasted tobacco. Smokers claim that it is quite comparable to cigarettes. They smoke well from just one piece and are pretty powerful.


TEREA sticks come in brown packaging with the name “teak tree” on it. This is described as a blend of traditional tobacco with creamy and nutty overtones.

It has a moderately above average strength and is highly aromatic. Our familiarity with its nutty flavour comes from Teak Selection.


Although extremely strong, the aroma is neither harsh nor chemical. Medium or somewhat higher for a fortress. The flavour is the same as HEETS Amber, nothing different.


These miniature cigarettes have the same Yellow Selection flavour and are mildly flavoured but quite fragrant.

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