Does CBD Help Seniors With Alzheimer’s & Dementia?

CBD (or cannabidiol) has been suggested as a treatment for seniors with dementia.

CBD is a medical form of cannabis. It generally improves mood and reduces inflammation. It is not legal in 47 US States. It does not have the potential to cause dependence or other health problems.

This is crucial because CBD doesn’t have the same intoxicating effects as THC. It has been proven to have anti-anxiety qualities that can help regulate behavior and promote calm. CBD is also the main ingredient of Epidiolex, an FDA-approved medication to treat epilepsy.

There are many ways to administer CBD. The most popular is oil. This can be rubbed onto the skin, added to gel gelule, or directly applied to the skin. It is also available as an inhalant or in pill form.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD For Seniors With Dementia?

The most common uses of CBD include anxiety, insomnia, poor sleeping, pain relief, and general anxiety. It has been proven to reduce anxiety and agitation. This makes it possible for CBD to be used in dementia patients.

A senior might become anxious or agitated due to dementia. Sometimes, this can lead to violent behavior. These behavior changes can be caused by the disease and not your loved ones. These symptoms may be alleviated by CBD.

Dementia Center also indicates that CBD could be of benefit:

Reduce inflammation

Reduce oxygen buildup

Stimulate your brain and reduce memory loss.

Let’s explore how CBD can help each of these areas.


Inflammation refers to the body’s natural reaction to injury. The body could respond by creating inflammation in the affected area. Alzheimer’s disease, for example, causes brain proteins to clump together. CBD can help decrease inflammation and aid with dementia.

Oxygen Buildup

Inflammation in the brain is linked to oxygen buildup. Oxygen is released as brain tissue expands. The brain becomes less functional as more oxygen is released. Seniors with dementia are more likely to experience stress, which can lead to the release of oxygen.

Memory And Brain Function

As dementia advances, brain tissue begins to die and function becomes lost. This can be slow or fast. Some trials showed that CBD could help reverse or stop the decline in brain function and memory loss among dementia patients. CBD can also stimulate the brain, which may help to keep brain connections intact and delay the effects of dementia.

This information is encouraging, but it’s important to remember that very few clinical trials have been done to assess the effects of CBD on the brain, so it’s difficult to draw a scientific conclusion. Scientists are still conducting research to improve our ability to assist those with dementia.

Are There Any Risks Associated With CBD?

The World Health Organization has declared that there are no public health issues associated with pure CBD. It also doesn’t have addictive properties and hasn’t been proven to pose any health risks.

Many companies misrepresent their products or use different packaging labels to label the products. It’s important to only purchase CBD products from a company that has been approved for sale by a third party. Some CBD products are sold by retailers that contain other ingredients or strains of CBD.

You or a loved one may be interested in CBD for managing symptoms. Talk to a doctor first so that they can assess the risks and determine the best treatment options.

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