Best Delta 8 disposable vape brands


Delta 8 is known from the 70’s, but it gains its popularity in the summer this year. This year Delta 8 hit the commercial market.

Delta 8 is different from Delta 9. Delta 8 is made from hemp, while Delta 9 is from Marijuana products. Both Delta variants are similar, but Delta 8 is milder and has less risk of anxiety.

All the cannabis products have different effects and works at a different speed. Delta 8 is also similar. It works at a different speed, and the speed depends on the quality consumed.

To try out D8 thc disposable vape pens are the best. They give relax to your physical and mental health. Also, they are much cheaper than reusable vape pens.

Always buy disposable vape pens from a trusted cannabis company. Because these companies gives better quality of the product. Also, the companies should offer third-party lab tests. The trusted companies always care for your safety. So, buy disposable vape pens from the trusted cannabis company.

Through this article, we will share about the best cannabis companies.

  • TreeTop Hemp: Treetop Hemp is a cannabis based company, that provides all the necessary details about its products. The company provides full transparency about its products.

All the products are tested by Encode Labs, California. The company never sells the product from its website. You can get the product from GreatCBDShop, the shop where all the Delta 8 trusted products are sell.

Each disposable van pen of Treetop Hemp is pre-charged and contains 800 mg of Delta 8.

Twelve different disposable vapes are made by the Treetop Hemp. All have different terpene profiles. All the company provides different flavors. The whole description of the product is written clearly on the product. All the effects are pre-mentioned. So, you can easily buy for you that you like.

  • Urb: The Federal Government has already said that no cannabis product can be organic. Urb offers clean, and environmentally friendly products.

Urb is a cannabis-based company which is having a legal certificate for sustainable farming. Urb also sells their products on GreatCBDShop, like Treetop Hemp.

There are three types of disposable vapes that Urb offers.

  • Urban Tundra
  • Lemonade Kush
  • Maui Wowie

Lab testing is done for all three, and all the descriptions are provided on the products. First, read the description, and then choose which one is best for you.

  • 3CHI: 3Chi is the leader of the products of the Delta 8 industry. They are the first to create legally federal THC products. 3CHI has made a storm recently. Because they have created Delta 8 disposables.

The company is the top distributor of Delta 8 products in the US.

The company provides 1mg and 0.5mg disposable in ten different staring with a large variety of flavors and effects.

The product description is available, so you can see its detail. Then choose the product of your choice.

Always purchase the products from the trusted companies. They provides full transparency about the products.

Tell us which one is your favorite.

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