How Can We Return Back To Our Normal Routine?

Since the beginning of the year 2020, our lives have almost come to hold for several months. Lockdown fatigue has really taken its toll on most of us and all of us want to get back to our normalcy as early as possible.

However, looking at the way coronavirus is returning back in new forms, it does not seem very likely that we can return back to our old ways any time soon. So, how should we psychologically adapt ourselves to this sudden change?

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A few opportunities for child and parent learning

While schools may not be what they used to be during pre-coronavirus, however, kids will still get the opportunity to be creative, and also stay active. Whatever extra time they get can be used for trying new activities that they never tried before.

Structuring kids’ time particularly at home is challenging, but children still can get that structured time that they need with the knowledge and effort to go into offering a few afterschool activities like:

  • Dance classes
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Science projects
  • Coding camps
  • Art lessons

This can be a great opportunity to jump in there for you and get moving, be creative, and get back to various learning and also bonding with your child that is sure to get you those feel-good chemicals that start firing in the brain like oxytocin (a kind of love hormone), dopamine (the reward chemical), and serotonin (the happy chemical).

Therefore, go ahead and join any online child’s yoga class along with your child, start taking a low-cost course, and also up your career game, at the same time your child will improve his/her skills for the future ahead.

Can adults change too?

For adults to change is a little more difficult than children. They are less adaptable and already set in their ways, and making this sudden change is a bit hard reality to face.

The present COVID-19 situation, however, has forced us to rethink all our old routines. Not only the pandemic has created the impetus to be extra careful about guarding our health but the lockdown has created new opportunities for:


  • Staying fit with online classes
  • Reduction of stress via internet sources
  • Creating a new work/life balance
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • Doing online workouts
  • Starting new meditation routines

Due to coronavirus, it has ever unfolded online and has hit a new record of online engagement. Discussion related to health and wellness skews negatives, as people are now concerned about minimizing the virus spread, staying well, and also losing healthcare benefits.

Interestingly, over the last few weeks, lots of positive sentiment has started mounting as people started devising creative ways of relieving stress, helping neighbors, and fostering hope.

Surely the pandemic has caused monumental changes in people’s lives, but we can better choose to look at a few other positive outcome as a certain way to refocus our mind on negativity.

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