Taking Your Dog Out? Here Are A Few Points to Consider

Dogs form an inseparable part of our today’s lifestyle. A majority of people are dog lovers today. in such cases, looking after a dog and simultaneously managing your work life can be stressful. A better alternative would be to take your dog to the workplace. Today, many workplaces have become dog friendly and thus, allow dogs to be brought there.

Since we are talking about dogs, the stress issues in dogs must also be addressed. Dogs face severe stress from multiple things like the fireworks, the ambience of the new place, any peculiar smell, or anything that can be specific to your dog. Since dogs cannot communicate their needs directly, they suffer alone till the problem solves itself.

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Tips For Taking Dogs to the Work Place –

1- Find out if the office supports and appreciates dogs from employees- even today, there are many offices that do not appreciate dogs in the office. Bringing a dog in such an environment would be a blunder.

2- Find out to colleagues to know if anyone is allergic or afraid of dogs- if any one of your colleagues is allergic or afraid of dogs, the presence of a dog would be harmful to their health and work efficacy.

3- Dog-proof the area- since dogs are not rational beings, they tend to nibble and bite things around them. In that case, you must ensure that the office environment is free from:

a- Poisonous plants

b- Open electric wires

c- Toxic substances

d- Any other thing in the reach of a dog that may be harmful to his health.

4- Ensure that the dog has got its timely shots- it is important that before you take your dog to the office, all the shots have been received by your dog. Besides that, communicating this information to your office colleagues is also important.

5- Bathe the dog- dogs enjoy getting dirty, however, a dirty dog is nowhere welcomed. Make sure that your dog is well-groomed a day before when he is to be taken to the office.

6- Bring the dog essentials- there are few products that must be carried to the office along with the dog. These are:

a- Dog food

b- Treats

c- Leash

d- Toys

e- Water

f- Dog bed

g- Bowls

h- Paper towel

i- Cleaner


Dogs are lovely animals and many offices are accepting that. However, there are a few things that must be taken care of before you take your dog out to any place.


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