Different Stages of Your Custom Home Construction

Building a custom home in Oakville can always be an exciting experience, but also at the same time it is quite petrifying as you do not design your home regularly.

There are plenty of decisions that you have to make right from its architectural style to various smaller details like where will you have electrical outlets, etc. Although there will be a custom home builder Oakville with many years of experience besides you, however, still you must play all your cards well to get the best end results.

The following are various stages of construction work that you must be aware of when you have decided to build your custom home.

  • Excavation

Once your plan is finalized and approved by the local authority, based on that the excavation of the ground will start where the foundation will stand.

  • Foundation

During this process, the concrete will be placed where excavation has been done. Your building is going to stand on your foundation and hence it needs to be strong.

  • Framing

Now based on the location of the room framing will be done where pillars will be made at the corners by using reinforced concrete material.

  • Windows

After the masonry work reaches a certain height, the window frames will be installed as per the locations of windows that are decided on your plan.

  • Roofing

After your masonry work reaches up to your roof height then the framing work will start for your roof, which is an important milestone.

  • Siding

Your home will be wrapped with high-density polyethylene fibres, which is a barrier between energy-efficient water and air that will protect your home for many years.

  • Decking

If you have planned for decking then it will be added now. At this stage, you will enjoy spectacular sunset along with your friends.

  • Drywall

All your frames will now be covered with drywall covers. You will begin to feel the shape of your home roughly.

  • Exterior masonry

Then beautiful curb appeal will be created by high-quality exterior architectural details. Various finishing touches will be added to your exterior siding by using wood and bricks.

  • Tile

Now is the time to do tiling work, you can choose granite, marble, concrete and start laying them down in your kitchen, bathrooms, your entrance, or any other area.

  • Interior masonry

This will include special stone or wood to your fireplace. Now your home will start looking what you had planned.

  • Cabinet installation

To add style and functionality, the cabinetry work will start now in your bathroom, kitchen, storage, or wherever you have planned for cabinets.

  • Interior trim

Various touching work will start during this stage.

  • Countertops

Almost like cabinetry, countertops will also be added to your home. You can discover your options for countertop here.

  • Doors

Now all the doors will be added to your home. Whatever selection you have made for doors will be added here.

  • Completion

Now your home is ready and you can start doing the electrical and plumbing work.

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