Comparison Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads


Today, you have got Google and Facebook, which are the two most popular advertising platforms available. Although Google is mostly used as a search engine while Facebook is known as a social media platform, however, both of them offer very cost-efficient and effective advertising options that will allow all businesses to sell more.

But if you compare Facebook ads and Google ads, whom will you choose? Where will you prefer to advertise your product or service? Let us discuss both advertising options individually and understand their differences in this article.


In the US digital ad spending, Google makes up almost 38.6% of the total and thus makes it the most popular advertising strategy in digital medium.

Google Ads, which was formerly known as Google AdWords, is very famous paid search platform because ads will show up in your search results. PPC (Pay-per-click) ads will show up above the organic results sometimes in Google, to the right of your search results, offering the advertisers tons of opportunities.

When you opt for any PPC campaign, you will not pay for your advertising space; rather, you will only pay if someone ever clicks on your advertisement.

Why use Google ads

  • You can target those users who want to purchase

By using affordable SEO, only those buyers who are interested to buy will only contact you.

  • You can use many different ad formats.

Though not as fancy as Facebook ads, but still in Google ads management, you can use many different formats for your advertisement.

  • You can deeply analyze all your ads.

Google will provide various analytics that can help you to correct your strategy anytime you like.


A typical Facebook user will click on at least 12 ads/month, and hence it is no secret that people find Facebook as the best place to advertise. You will have access to vast number of audiences, and you are reaching to those customers who are already in social media.

People know Facebook ads as a paid strategy as you will pay for advertising on the social platform. Here, you can choose exactly what amount you are ready to spend in a day or for the whole lifetime of your ad, so you will never overspend. There are wide varieties of ad formats that you can choose from.

The targeting selections available on Facebook will permit you to advertise only to those users having specific interests and online behaviors, making your Facebook ads a great advertising opportunity if you like to get extremely precise with your audience.

Why use Facebook ads

  • Facebook offers you an expansive audience.

Facebook offers a fantastic platform for advertising because you can show your products to millions of people.

  • Facebook gives you a precise targeting option.

Facebook offers you the opportunity to target any specific audience based on location, marital status, or their schooling status.

  • Facebook ads are visually quite appealing.

The FaceBook ads management is much prettier than Google’s PPC ads, just because you can add video, graphics, and much more.

Now since both have been discussed, you can make your choice as per your convenience.

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