Does CBD Oil Helps With Lichen Planus – Know How It Can?

These days, many people are aware of the potential benefits of CBD, including alleviating skin conditions like acne, eczema, wrinkles, and others. Many of them are raising doubts about whether CBD can help with the symptoms of lichen planus.

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About lichen planus

Lichen planus is the most common skin condition that affects the mouth, nails, scalp, genitals, wrists, lower back, and ankles. It causes papules, red-colored lesions. Although people with lichen planus will recover themselves within a year or two, it may reoccur at any time. Also, it leaves scars on the skin. This condition occurs in people in an age group of 30 to 60.  Usually, women are more prone to this skin condition compared to men.


The appearance and size of the papules vary from one person to the other, based on the area they occur. Here are a few common symptoms, they include:

  • Itching
  • Patches on gums, inside your cheeks, and tongue
  • Burning sensation
  • Difficulty to drink and eat
  • Bald patches on the scalp
  • Red, sore patches over the vulva
  • Ring-shape patches over the penis

Reasons for the trigger of lichen planus

  • Immune or allergic reaction
  • Exposure to chemicals like dyes, medications, metals, etc
  • In few cases, the hepatitis C, virus also causes lichen planus

Treatment methods for lichen planus

Corticosteroid injections, tablets, ointments, or creams are used to treat lichen plans as they reduce itching and inflammation. Making a few changes in the lifestyle will also help to reduce the skin condition. They include avoiding body wash, scented soap, acidic drinks or food, alcohol, and tight-fitting clothes, maintaining oral hygiene, and others.

CBD or cannabidiol is a chemical compound that is produced from the strains of cannabis. These days, it gained immense popularity because it has antioxidant, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties and nutritional values. All these will help to reduce the symptoms of many health conditions, such as skin diseases, pain, anxiety, depression, and much more.

Currently, there are not many research studies that suggest the effect of CBD oil on lichen planus. According to a review conducted in 2019, CBD can influence skin health by altering the ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body. Effective functioning of ECS helps in maintaining a balance in the growth, development, and death of skin cells.

CBD helps to improve the activities of ECS. Also, it binds with the receptors PPAR-gamma and TRPV1, which reduces inflammation.

Even though there are not any shreds of evidence to prove the effect of CBD on lichen planus, but the people who used CBD to reduce lichen planus are hopeful.

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